The Critical Reasoning Guide demystifies critical reasoning by teaching a clear, consistent, and effective approach to understanding an argument?s logic and choosing the best answer to the given question.

All of Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Strategy Guides are aligned with both the 2015 Edition and 13th Edition GMAC Official Guide.

ISBN: 978-1-935707-61-5

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  • 6 Computer Adaptive Practice Exams

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  • Critical Reasoning Online Question Bank

    All questions included in this bank (25 total) draw from the subject of Critical Reasoning and are written by Manhattan GMAT's expert Instructors. All Manhattan GMAT question banks include questions of varying difficulty levels.

Chapter by Chapter

  1. Argument Structure

    The Core; Building Blocks of an Argument; Argument Structure; Intermediate Conclusions and Therefore Test

  2. Methodology

    Step 1: Identify the Question; Step 2: Deconstruct the Argument; Step 3: State the Goal; Step 4: Work from Wrong to Right; How to Abbreviate

  3. Structure-Based Family

    Describe the Role; Describe the Argument

  4. Assumptions

    Assumption Family Questions; Find the Assumption (FA) Questions; Evaluate the Argument Questions; Flaw Questions

  5. Strengthen and Weaken

    Strengthen and Weaken: The Basics; Strengthen the Conclusion Questions; Weaken the Conclusion Questions; EXCEPT Questions

  6. Evidence Family

    What are Inferences?; Percentages vs. Real Numbers; Inference Questions; Explain a Discrepancy; EXCEPT Questions

  7. Complete the Argument

    Negatively-Worded Claims; Alternate Wording

  8. Wrong Answer Analysis

    Out of Scope; Reverse Logic; The Mix Up

  9. Appendix A: Official Guide Problem Sets

    Official Guide Problem Sets

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