One advantage to the Computer Adaptive Test is that your quantitative and verbal subscores, along with your overall score, are ready immediately. Your writing score is determined separately and available approximately 20 days after the test.

After completing the GMAT test, you are given the option of either viewing or canceling your scores. If you think that you did not do very well, you may cancel your scores (without seeing them!) and they will not be reported to any business schools, although the business schools will be notified of the cancellation on future score reports. Keep in mind, however, that once you cancel your scores, you will not be able to view them. Also, you will not be refunded your test registration fee.

Beginning Jan 1, 2006, your official score report will be available online to you and the schools you selected approximately 20 days after your exam. If necessary, you may also request that your official score report be mailed to you.

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