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This is the best bang for the buck when it comes to GMAT classes, hands down...

Jason C.

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The Manhattan GMAT prep course does an absolutely phenomenal job preparing you for the Official GMAT...

Jared F.

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Highest Instructor Standards in the Industry

At Manhattan GMAT, we believe that teaching excellence is the key to student success. We hire only Instructors with 99th percentile GMAT scores (currently a 760+) and prior teaching experience. In addition, candidates who meet these requirements must go through a rigorous audition process which involves a phone interview, a mock teaching lesson in our online classroom, and finally, a face-to-face audition at our New York headquarters. This past year we hired just 2% of all applicants.

We reinforce this by having new hires complete a 100+ hour training program before teaching a class and compensating them $100 an hour – four times the industry standard. The result is a team of stellar Instructors who are passionate about both teaching and the GMAT.