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With access to 4,200+ practice problems and 54 hours of class time & coaching, the Manhattan GMAT Complete Course is the most comprehensive GMAT prep program available.

Classes are conveniently located on University Avenue, and every Manhattan GMAT instructor in Austin has made it through an intensive audition process, trained for over 100 hours, and knows the GMAT backwards and forwards.

We've worked with thousands of IBM employees, UT Austin students, and other MBA hopefuls to help them develop mastery over GMAT content. Tips and tricks are for the other guys.

Take a look at what makes Manhattan Prep different.

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Liz Moliski

Liz started teaching for Manhattan GMAT while she was a PhD student in Business at Chicago Booth. Now that she's graduated, she works full time for Manhattan GMAT, teaching and developing curriculum, and teaches MBA classes on the side. Liz...

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