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Mondays, starting February 21
8:00 - 11:00PM
India Standard Time

Manhattan GMAT comes to India

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FACT: Average GMAT Score, Worldwide = 530*

FACT: Average GMAT Score, India = 577*

FACT: Average GMAT Score, World's Top MBA Programs = 700

*GMAC ( Official Annual Report

 The GMAT study techniques common among your Indian peers will, on average, fail them by over 120 points.  If you wish to attend a world-class Business School, you must try something different.

Experience why the world's most selective companies – Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, Microsoft, Google, and more – choose Manhattan GMAT as their corporate provider. 

Full Course Information

Live Online Winter O2 2011

February 21, 2011 - April 18, 2011

8pm - 11pm India Standard Time


Instructor: Keith Blume

Co-Instructor: Jamie Nelson

Regular price: $1090 USD

International student discount: Use the code MGI2011 at checkout: $890 USD

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For students in South Asia, this class will begin one hour earlier as of Monday, March 14th.

Experience the New Standard in Test Preparation

Our 9-Session online GMAT courses, led by experienced Instructors with 99th percentile overall scores on the GMAT, impart the comprehensive understanding of GMAT content and test-taking skills required to score well on the exam—from the convenience of your home, online and on your schedule.

Focus on Instruction

Manhattan GMAT’s unique teaching acumen transfers online into an effective and intuitive learning environment. Practice tests, self-guided activities and homework are taught with the same engaging methods our in-class instructors use to teach high-scoring results.

Comprehensive Approach

Our online GMAT curriculum emphasizes content-confidence. Each one of our nine 3-hour prep class sessions optimizes what you learn from our Strategy Guides and focuses on teaching multiple approaches to problems. In addition, we share essential test-taking strategies to improve timing and accuracy.

Intensive Homework Assignments

We promote a demanding course framework that reinforces practice with real GMAT problems from the Official Guides for GMAT Review. This approach provides you with a rigorous online experience studying for the GMAT.

Your Instructors

Manhattan GMAT Instructor Keith Blume

Keith Blume

Keith Blume is an MBA graduate of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (GSB). His career path to B-school is a little unorthodox. Out of high school, Keith joined the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the northern most capital in the world, the southernmost capital in the western hemisphere, and watched the sun rise on the Pacific Ocean and set on the Atlantic Ocean.

Manhattan GMAT Instructor Jamie Nelson

Jamie Nelson

At age two Jamie Nelson moved to Kimball, Nebraska (population 3,000 with one stoplight) from Madison, South Dakota (population 6,500 with a few stoplights) when her parents decided they wanted a less urban lifestyle. In Kimball Jamie endured various small town horrors, chief of which was having her mother as her junior high math teacher.


What You Receive

  • 8 Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides
    Our Strategy Guides are the core of our curriculum. These guides provide a comprehensive review of each topic tested on the GMAT and are valuable tools outside of the class for preparation and homework.
  • 3 Official Guides For GMAT Review (12th Ed., Verbal, and Quant)
    The GMAT problems found in these books were once featured on real GMAT exams. These problems have been compiled into the 3 Official Guides published by GMAC, and are the best source of practice questions on the market. For this reason, Manhattan GMAT thoroughly addresses all the skills tested in the Official Guides.
  • Official Guide Companion & Online Official Guide Companion - *NEW*
    This book is designed to be used in conjunction with the Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition. One common issue our students cite about the 12th Edition is that the explanations are not always as helpful as they could be. This book addresses that need by providing clear, step-by-step approaches to every Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency question in the Official Guide. The Online Official Guide Companion allows you to review the explanations via an online platform. Answer choices for each problem are listed and our easy search tool allows you to jump to specific problems making the navigation of these explanations clear and hassle free.
  • 6 Computer Adaptive Practice Tests
    These practice tests mimic the GMAT test-taking experience so that you are more prepared for the exam before you go into a real testing center. In addition, the Manhattan GMAT Assessment Reports organize your test data so you can quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses, helping you study more effectively.
  • Free Foundations of GMAT Math Strategy Supplement & Workshops
    Covering the basics of GMAT math, the Foundations of Math (FoM) workshops are designed to help students master core math concepts, processes, and skills. The Strategy Supplement is a 326 page book that draws from the workshops to provide easy-to-follow explanations of fundamental math concepts and step-by-step application of these concepts to example problems.
  • Additional Resources
    Other resources include a Test Simulation Booklet, stopwatch, online skill-building labs, class recordings of all 9 sessions, the Challenge Problem Archive (700+level quant questions), a free pass for computerized GMAT essay grading, and various downloadable study aids.
  • Office Hours
    Each week, you will be able to schedule one 30-minute online / phone session with an Instructor. These sessions are an essential element to the Manhattan GMAT curriculum as registered course students can use this time to review challenging GMAT problems or to focus on their weak areas.

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