Manhattan GMAT is dedicated to teaching all aspects surrounding the GMAT test-taking process, including what to look for in a prep course and how to get started studying. Below is a brief listing of various resources we provide our students in order to lend a helping hand.


Manhattan GMAT FAQs
What is the difference between an in-person class and an online class? How does private tutoring work? What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my GMAT test date? Receive answers to these questions and others you may have about our GMAT Prep Programs, Shipping Rates & Transit Times, GMAT Exam Information, and Technical Problems.

Manhattan GMAT Forums
If you have a question about GMAT concepts or strategies, wish to share your GMAT prep experience, or would like to arrange a study group in your area, visit the Manhattan GMAT Forums. The boards are moderated by two of our instructors, Stacey Koprince and Ron Purewal, along with a Student Services Representative, who are there to answer all your GMAT-related questions.

Manhattan GMAT Blog
Stay up to date with the latest news about the GMAT. Learn about changes that are being made to the Manhattan GMAT curriculum. Discover special promotions and events hosted by Manhattan GMAT and its affiliates.

Manhattan GMAT MBA Resources
For a complete listing of all of the free resources we offer students to help them along their way, check out our MBA Resource section. On this part of the site, you can download podcasts of admissions consulting events previously held at our NYC Center, read articles about the b-school application process, and get details about applying to specific business schools.

If you find a mistake in one of our Strategy Guides, please use this resource to see if your issue has already been addressed. If you wish to submit new errata use the Manhattan GMAT Contact Form, select "Errata" from the drop-down menu, and write a detailed description of the error and your proposed correction (be sure to include the strategy guide, page number, and erroneous text).
Learn about the GMAT from the same people who bring you the real exam. This resource is great for people who are not yet committed to applying to business school and need more information about the overall process.