Unlike other preparation programs, Manhattan GMAT’s curriculum goes beyond a review of general test-taking tricks. Rather, our GMAT Strategy Guides and sample questions focus on actual mathematics and verbal content. Students emerge with skills, strategies, and a confident approach to every GMAT problem type and content area, from the basic to the most advanced questions.

This is particularly vital given the test’s adaptive format – in our experience, it is very difficult to solve the GMAT’s more complex problems without actually understanding the underlying math/grammar/analytical principles that are being tested.

Shortcuts and strategies remain fundamental components of our curriculum; however, our curriculum strives to re-teach you the math that you learned years ago and have since forgotten, as well as the grammatical and analytical principles that you might not have learned the first time around.

Our curriculum is designed around the Official Guides for GMAT Review, the primary sources of publicly-released questions from the administrators of GMAC. Our GMAT Strategy Guides cross-reference the Official Guides, including challenging sample GMAT questions that reflect those you’ll encounter on the real exam.

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Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides
Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides
3 Official Guides for GMAT Review
Official Guides for GMAT Review
Supplemental materials
Supplemental Materials

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