Fourth Edition Strategy Guides

You may be aware that the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) recently released the 12th Edition Official Guide for GMAT Review to replace the previous 11th Edition book. This book is essential to GMAT preparation as it is the best source for practice given that all questions have appeared on past official exams. For this reason, Manhattan GMAT’s curriculum is built around the Official Guide. Our team has just finished integrating the 12th Edition into our curriculum and we are proud to introduce our new Fourth Edition Strategy Guides.

What Has Changed?

The content included in the Fourth Edition Strategy Guides is very similar to the Third Edition with the key differences being the following:

  1. The Third Edition Guides are built around the 11th Edition Official Guide, while the Fourth Edition Guides are built around the 12th Edition Official Guide. This has required us to revise the problem sets at the end of each Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide so the question numbers correspond to the appropriate problems in the new Official Guide.

    Note that much of the 12th Edition is completely unchanged from the 11th Edition. Only 1/3 of the questions (approximately 300 problems) in the 12th Edition are new, but many have been reordered / renumbered. View Manhattan GMAT's in-depth examination of the 12th Edition.
  2. Additionally, in the Fourth Edition Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides, the Advanced Content has been moved to the back of the books. We believe it is more appropriate for students to begin by learning the basics and then progress to the more advanced content when ready. It can be daunting to see some of the more complex content early on in your studies.

But I already have the Third Edition Guides. What do I do?

If you have the Third Edition Guides, but plan to use them in conjunction with the 12th Edition Official Guide, Manhattan GMAT has tailored Conversion Documents for each section of the Official Guide, which will make this process simple.

Conversion Documents & Section Analysis

Use these Conversion Documents to match the numbers in the Third Edition Strategy Guide Problem Sets to their corresponding numbers in the 12th Edition Official Guide.

To practice new questions released in the 12th Edition Official Guide, refer to the section of the Conversion Document that lists all of the new 12th Edition problems.

For an even more in-depth analysis of the differences between the 12th Edition Official Guide and the 11th Official Guide, view Manhattan GMAT's Official Guide 12th Edition Analysis.