Patty’s Path to Wharton: The GMAT (Part 2 of 8)

kfaircloth —  July 19, 2011 — 2 Comments

Patty at WhartonThis is part 2 of a series featuring b-school advice gleaned from one of Manhattan GMAT’s own. Until recently, Patty managed marketing and student services for our sister company, Manhattan LSAT. But she chose to return to business school and started at Wharton last fall. She has agreed to share her application experiences with us  in a series called, “Patty’s Path to Wharton.” Read Part 1 here.

Today, Patty’s advice for the GMAT: Take it as soon as possible. Everyone always says take the GMAT early, but no one actually does that”unless you are me and kind of crazy! Patty studied on her own before taking her first crack at the exam, and she didn’t get the score she wanted.   I was so traumatized, I was like, forget it, she tells us. She knew she had to retake the test, but it was tough to overcome the inertia after a disappointing first result. You get so dejected”I shelved it for like 3 months.

But after taking a short break, she steeled herself for another try and took a Manhattan GMAT class. I was glad I did it, she says. A lot of people do the GMAT and then applications, and you just get so burned out. I could take a mental break and then focus on my story. In the beginning you’re so exhausted you don’t even have the energy to focus on another big task.

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2 responses to Patty’s Path to Wharton: The GMAT (Part 2 of 8)

  1. that’s almost the case with me, i got score way below my expectation on my 1st 2 attempts and now i m worried about my 3rd attempt.. please advise..

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